Duke Energy Lake Julian Plant

Duke Energy Lake Julian Plant: This is the source of electricity for Duke Energy customers living in Western North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Mountain Xpress

Effects of Climate Change

The scientific consensus is in. Climate change is happening and is greatly influenced by the burning of fossil fuels. In our everyday lives, our choices and actions emit harmful greenhouse gases. From purchasing foods and products made thousands of miles away to driving gas-guzzling vehicles to heating and cooling our homes and using electricity, we have an impact on the climate.   Climate change is having detrimental effects throughout the world, causing erratic and destructive weather, severe famine, rising sea levels and crop failures.  

Appalachian Offsets directly addresses this pressing issue. This initiative encourages all of us to reduce our carbon emissions and contribute to a fund that collectively helps others do the same. Through upgrading inefficient lighting and supporting clean energy projects for local nonprofits and schools, Appalachian Offsets helps us reduce our collective impact on climate change. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are several things you can do to reduce your energy use. Duke Energy Progress offers programs for Homes and Businesses.  Their on-site assessment provides a detailed report explaining the results with recommended savings upgrades and lists costs to perform the upgrade work.

A Green Gauge Assessment dispels the myth that greening your home is time- and money-consuming by offering a clear and straightforward approach. Green Gauge accurately assesses how green your home actually is. The assessment provides recommendations for improvements and connects you to professionals in the green-building industry who can help.

If you plan on building a new home, the Green Built NC rating system reduces your ecological footprint, increases durability and comfort, and strengthens your investment. Site, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water use and materials are all examined to ensure your new home is healthy for you and the environment.  

Learn the top 10 ways to reduce your energy use and carbon footprint.


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