What are carbon offsets?


Carbon offsets are pollution equivalents that can be purchased, thereby resulting in the reduction of carbon-dioxide pollution in the atmosphere. For example, if you purchase five tons of carbon offsets, your money is used to fund a project (renewable energy, energy-efficiency upgrade, etc.) that reduces carbon-dioxide production by five tons or removes five tons of carbon dioxide from the air.

If you can’t choose a completely carbon-neutral (zero-emissions) lifestyle, you can purchase the carbon offset equivalent to balance your impact. Carbon offsetting is one of many market-driven economic actions you can take to address climate change. It is a great tool with a lasting impact. 

Offsetting your carbon footprint and helping local schools and organizations is easy. Here is the basic process. 

Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint by going to the Individual or Business calculator. 

Step 2: Contribute to Appalachian Offsets to offset your carbon footprint (at a rate of $20 per ton).

Step 3: Your contribution is matched with a local nonprofit, school or affordable-housing provider needing an energy-efficiency upgrade. Funds pay for the project.

Step 4: An offset certificate and Appalachian Offsets sticker is mailed to you, detailing the project and the amount of carbon offset. Place the sticker on your car, business or home window to let others know you are doing your part to cut your carbon footprint. 

Step 5: We send you a tax-deductible donation receipt for your offset.

Step 6: We highlight the project and your support on the Supporter page for this website.

That’s it!

2 easy steps to offset:

Calculate your carbon footprint and offset your emissions.

Get started as: Individual or Business

Donate any dollar amount of your choosing to help others.

Instead of offsetting a specific amount of emissions with the calculator, you can also donate a custom amount or recurring monthly amount.

Make Custom Donation