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Help us fund Isaac Dickson Elementary School’s solar system!

Isaac Dickson Elementary School was designed as the first Net Zero Energy School in North Carolina. In collaboration with Asheville City Schools and Sundance Power, Appalachian Offsets is raising $220,000 from the community in 2017 toward a $1.1 million solar system, which will save the school $4.5 million in energy costs over its 30-year life.

Contribute to Appalachian Offsets today and help power our children’s future!

Appalachian Offsets supports local clean energy projects for schools and nonprofits!

Your contribution directly improves our community by making possible a local clean-energy project for a school, nonprofit or affordable housing provider. Projects include energy-efficiency lighting retrofits, water-conservation upgrades and solar-energy installations. We are also exploring local tree-planting projects. Be part of the solution in your own backyard and help mitigate the dangers of climate change.  

Transparency and verification are crucial. When you donate to Appalachian Offsets, we provide you with a tax-deductible donation letter and a certificate for your offset with details on the local project you helped fund. We verify each project through a third-party contractor to ensure the project was installed correctly and meets modeled energy savings.

Show off that you are doing your part by displaying our Appalachian Offsets decal at your business or on your car. By donating, you are joining a group of inspired citizens dedicated to a healthier community and planet.

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